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Forest to Fork CSA

Minnesota's Premier CSA


Local: Consumer supported Agriculture (CSA) with wild foraged products, locally grown mushrooms, And locally farmed chemical and hormone free produce, eggs. jams, and honey from our 20+ Amish farmers located south of Rochester Mn.  

Healthy “Beyond Organic” Practices: Beyond Organic means no herbicides, pesticides, or hormones in your food - ever! It means Non-GMO, and freshness that only comes with local foods.  

Affordable:  Support local and save up to 41% by participating in our CSA

And the best part...delicious freshness!!


Start or Stop Anytime

  Single Plan - $300 per session (6 boxes) or pay $55 per pickup

Up to 10 lbs of fresh produce and more

(Two deliveries per month)

  Family Plan - $600 per session (6 boxes) or $110 per pickup

Up to 20 lbs of fresh produce and more...

(Two deliveries per month)

October pickup

(Mostly every other Friday at Kowalski's Stores)

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Considered by many to be the “healthiest Americans” the Amish have little trace of cancer and heart disease in their populations. The Amish grow and raise all their own food, employing time-tested methods that provide them with healthy fruits, vegetables, milk, meat that most Americans lack full access to.  Rich in living enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients Amish food is grown and raised the way it should be, resulting in improved health. With horse drawn plows, crop rotation and other proven sustainability methods, the Amish make sure the soil is healthy year after year.  They also utilize zero herbicides. pesticides, or hormones.   Stateline Farms is an Amish co-operative near Cresco, Iowa. Harvey Lambright is the organizer of the project. The group has about 20 active Amish farmers who provide vegetables and fruits. The group is about 99% organic, according to Harvey. However, far more important is that all products are grown and raised with zero pesticides, GMO's, herbicides or hormones. 


From mushrooms to wild greens and berries, nature provides high quality healthy food. Rich in vitamins and always chemical free, foraged products provide unmatched health benefits. Our foragers include groups from Minnesota’s northern woods to the Pacific Northwest. These foragers follow the rains and the seasons to harvest the freshest and best quality.  All wild greens are picked sustainably, so the patches return strong every year.




The Forest to Fork CSA is a year-round CSA. Your share will be available to pick up at a conveniently located Kowalski's Market, or other specialty store.  You can pay as you go for each share, or save 10% and pay up front. Each box will contain peak of season fresh produce, hormone free Amish eggs, our own cultivated specialty mushrooms. Our wild foraged products include mushrooms, greens and berries. An added bonus is the Amish jams and jellies, honey, and other products like truffle infused items or dried mushrooms.  Each box will have recipes or other guidance on how to best utilize the items for the week.  Forest to Fork is dedicated to your satisfaction year round. There will be unique and special items included in your box that amaze and satsify. 

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