Growing Supplies

Mushroom Growing Supplies to Start Growing Your Own Mushrooms

Imagine cooking in your restaurant or home kitchen and the recipe calls for mushrooms - rare mushrooms. All you do is reach over and grab them from your very own supply that you grew using Forest to Fork's growing supplies. To grow your own fresh mushrooms at home, you need your own mushroom supplies, which we have carefully curated to give you the best possible mushroom growing experience, one you and your palate will love. Once you start growing your own mushrooms, you'll fall in love with the convenience and make this more than just a hobby, but a necessary part of your cooking.

Growing mushrooms isn't difficult as long as you have the right growing supplies, such as those offered by Forest to Fork. Can you smell the aroma of your fresh grown mushrooms as you cook them? Perfect for restaurateurs or at home cooks, our growing supplies will have you farming mushrooms in no time. From Shiitake mushrooms to Black Poplar, Lions Mane, and Blue Oyster, you'll always have a delicious mushroom to pair with your recipes or as a delectable side dish.


Our mushroom supplies are carefully created to take all the hard work out of growing mushrooms. All you have to do is follow the easy instructions and then watch your mushroom farm grow. After you've harvested your mushrooms, put some aside to use right away, and store the rest.


Follow our delicious recipes that focus on the flavor of your mushrooms to enjoy them day after day. Some of our best recipes include Pappardelle with mushroom and beef ragu, chicken with creamy mushroom sauce, Chef Niki Herber's wild mushroom gratin, mushroom confit, and baked cheesy mushroom and pea risotto.