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Indoor farmed 

& forest fresh

A full line of cultivated and domestic wild mushrooms.


Mouthwatering culinary genius

Recipe introduction content.

Recipe introduction content.

Recipe introduction content.

Recipe introduction content.


Sustainable sourcing at the highest quality

Our goal is to provide the freshest, most nourishing, and most sustainably sourced foods, to benefit your health, your palate, and the planet. 


As opposed to conventional and even many organic options, our sustainably cultivated indoor farm-fresh product is harvested only a day or two prior to arriving at the grocery store or to your restaurant kitchen.


We grow Shiitake, Oyster, Maitake, Lions Mane, King Trumpet, and many more.


We source wild-foraged and cultivated products from growing and forager partners within only a few days of harvesting and bring them right to you.


Our eye-catching proprietary grab-and-go packaging ensures a longer shelf-life and an attractive shelf presence.


It also features consumer-focused educational labeling. Digitally connected recipes and information help ensure that customers enjoy and experience the benefits of every last morsel so they'll be back for more.

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