Mushrooms Near Me

Forest To Fork ends your search for freshly grown specialty mushrooms and can also teach you how to forage for wild mushrooms on your own.

Delicious mushrooms fall into two categories: cultivated and wild foraged. Here at Forest To Fork, we have you covered for both. Cultivated mushrooms include shiitake, blue oyster, maitake, lion’s mane and more. We grow those fresh every day in our environment-controlled fruiting chambers. We sell them straight to you via your local grocery store or direct shipping.

Wild mushrooms include morel, porcini, black trumpet, chanterelle, lobster and more. Although our team of commercial mushroom hunters can find and sell those mushrooms to you, there is nothing like being out in the wild foraging for mushrooms yourself. Knowing this, we also offer Identification Classes that will get you on your way to becoming a confident mushroom forager.

You can find mushrooms in any forest, even close to home. They grow all over the United States so wherever you live, it's probably just a short drive to an area where you can find them. Foraging keeps your mind and body active, it’s also a fun way to spend a nice day outdoors.

Depending on your luck during the season, you may be fortunate enough to end up with more mushrooms than you could possibly use before they go bad. To eat your foraged mushrooms right away, sauté them in butter thyme and shallot as a base recipe for all species. This is the main “go-to” cooking method for taste testing. You can, of course, also enjoy them in any recipe that calls for mushrooms.

To preserve mushrooms, purchase a food dehydrator. This will remove all the moisture and keep your mushrooms freshly preserved for even a longer period of time. A vacuum sealer is also nice to have. This will keep your mushrooms stored for even longer than stored in a glass jar.

You will love foraging for mushrooms. Once you are successful in finding mushrooms near you, you'll be hooked for years to come! When you’re not out in the great outdoors hunting for shrooms, rest assured you can find your favorite cultivated—and many wild species of mushrooms—for sale at Forest To Fork through our ShroomShop and at select retail grocers near you.