Fresh Black Pearl Mushroom (1/4 lb.)

Fresh Black Pearl Mushroom (1/4 lb.)

The Black Pearl is the latest variant of the Oyster family. It has the firm, meaty, chewy texture of abalone, and the flavor of a conventional oyster mushroom which is the best of both worlds! They hold up very well to any cooking method and can be very versatile from your BBQ grill to soups, chili or spaghetti sauce, as well as all meats, fowl, and fish.


Contents: One-quarter pound of Fresh Black Pearl Oyster Mushrooms



  • Firm, meaty texture with large, soft stem and small cap
  • Mild yet deep umami flavor with peppery aftertaste
  • Cooks up well with a variety of ingredients and preparation methods
  • Sold in premium, eco-friendly, preservation packaging
  • Actively grown inside Forest To Fork’s start-of-the-art fruiting chambers
  • Expertly, small-batch grown in New Hope, Minnesota, U.S.A.
  • Picked per order and sold direct to consumer
  • Mushroom Description

    “Black Pearl” (Pleurotus ostreatus var. columinus)

    Another member of the oyster family, the unique black pearl stands out on its own with a meatier texture; softer, edible, large stem and small cap; less delicate yet prominent, umami flavor; and a delicious peppery aftertaste. Like other oysters, it does well with a variety of other ingredients and cooking methods. Its bold favor can hold its own when cooked in strong-flavored sauces, soups and spicy chili.