Blue Oyster Home Grow Block

Blue Oyster Home Grow Block

This popular home-growing kit will put pounds of fresh mushrooms in your fridge. It’s a simple product and process that delivers a full crop of quality food in only weeks. And, that can be repeated multiple times in common household temperatures and conditions.


Like all meaty and sweet oysters, these mushrooms are high in protein and wonderful sautéed, grilled, or fried as a side or even the main course! The blue color quickly fades into a light steel-blue, grey color. Oyster mushrooms are known for its antiviral properties as well as cholesterol-lowering abilities. These shrooms tend to have a subtle, savory without a strong earthiness. They work well in a range of different dishes, adding a tender, pleasing texture when cooked.


Contents: Blue Oyster Fresh Mushrooms Home Grow Block (5 Pounds)



  • Meaty texture and mild, sweet flavor
  • Versatile; can be cooked and used in many different ways
  • Watch your own crop of shrooms grow; harvest in just a week or two
  • Grows pounds of fresh mushrooms in your home; can be flushed multiple times
  • Optimum fruiting occurs when temperatures between 50 to 80°F, but as high as 95°F
  • Comes with easy-to-follow instructions



Mushroom Description


“Blue Oyster” (Pleurotus ostreatus var. columinus)

A delicate, mild flavor with a velvety texture and a favorite around the world. Oysters can be eaten raw (in moderation) or cooked, and pair well with chicken, seafood and white meats. This mushroom’s meaty texture lends well to frying, stir- fry, and braising. As they are extremely perishable, use Oysters as soon as possible for optimum flavor and quality.

  • Using Home Grow Mushroom Kits

    The very same mushrooms we grow in the chambers of the Field To Fork Facility can be grown in your home. We've done all the hard work for you. Just soak it for a few hours and place in the most humid area of your home for best results (but anywhere can work). Then kick back to watch them grow. Occasional misting is your only chore as you enjoy watching them grow. Once they begin, you will be amazed at how fast they flourish. They’ll be ready to harvest within 1 to 2 weeks. Block or logs produces 1 to 4 pounds, depending on conditions and how many times it is activated to produce a yield (flushed). The hardest part of growing your own mushrooms at home is deciding which favorite recipe or way of cooking them after you pick.