The black trumpet mushroom, Craterellus cornucopioides, is sometimes referred to as a "poor man's truffle" and is prized for its sweet floral flavor profile and goes especially well in pasta dishes, cream-based sauces, risotto, eggs and cheeses. Simply soak in broth, or water, until pliable and rehydrated (about 30-45 min) and then use as you would fresh mushrooms. The price shown is for 1 oz., which when rehydrated becomes about 7 ounces, plenty for a meal for two!


Wild Foraged Black Trumpet Mushrooms-Dried

  • Dried mushrooms rehydrate at approximately 7:1. If you purchase 1 oz dried, it would be the equivalent of about 1/2lb fresh. Please note that rehydrated mushrooms are best used in dishes that do not rely upon its texture to the same degree a fresh mushroom may in a dish. In other words, they cannot be "browned" very easily as you might sauté fresh mushrooms since they have been saturated by rehydrating.

    Dried mushrooms may also be ground (BEFORE rehydrating) in a grinder and used as a "spice" to flavor any dish!