Porcini mushrooms are often called "King" boletes, because they are the best! These Porcini are foraged in the Pacific Northwest and are of #1 quality, not unrecognizable crumbles and dust as you see for sale in most stores.Prized the world over, the deep umami flavor is a must have for mushroom soups and that fantastic flavor can be utilized in any recipe that calls for mushrooms to take your dish to the next level of delicious!

Wild Foraged Porcini Mushrooms-Dried

  • Dried mushrooms rehydrate at approximately 7:1. If you purchase 1 oz dried, it would be the equivalent of about 1/2lb fresh. Please note that rehydrated mushrooms are best used in dishes that do not rely upon its texture to the same degree a fresh mushroom may in a dish. In other words, they cannot be "browned" very easily as you might sauté fresh mushrooms since they have been saturated by rehydrating.

    Dried mushrooms may also be ground (BEFORE rehydrating) in a grinder and used as a "spice" to flavor any dish!